Who we are

Know who BC Consortium is

overalls rustenburg

BC CONSORTIUM was established 2017 and hope to bring new age experience.

Amongst the various reasons behind our unprecedented growth and rapid integration on the stationery, high quality products including being in construction,perhaps, the most important would be its unwavering focus on acquiring the latest know-how skill.

We are a 100%

Black owned Company and rated BEE Level 1 by SAIPA.

Nyeleti' Detergent is a sister company of BC Consortium that specialises in manufacturing of cleaning products. To view the types of products we manufacture please visit our online store.

Why we are here

We offer diverse service within the fast growing services

Create job opportunities for people who are historically disadvantaged

Contribute in development by creating wealth and improve the well-being of the community by offering quality products

Impose the initiative of plowing back to the community

Foster a vibrant economic

atmosphere by being

one of the leading organizations in the provision of excellent services.


To be recognized as the lead brand interacting in unique and dynamic collaborative ventures with our clients to continuously delivers unrivalled solution.


Our mission is to provide efficient service that is responsive to the needs of the clientele through

multi-faceted expertise.

our strategic Objectives

  • Strive to meet the expectations of present and prospective clientele..
  • Advance the economic emancipation of local communities

and youth through sustainable job creation..

  • Contribute towards the sustainable economic growth of

the country..

  • Grow and sustain market share through optimal

utilization of available resources.

Our Corporate Values

we believe that appreciation of our role in the services industry is reflected in the way we approach our core business that should be enjoyed by all clientele base. We continue to uphold the following values that proved to be catalyst in our long term sustenance. The following values are paramount to accomplish our mission: 

•             Respect

•             Excellency

•             Service orientated

•             Accountability

•             Transparency

•             Honesty.